Thyroid Disorders

This clinic is designed to help patients with common Thyroid Gland Disorders which affects their health and wellness and require periodic medical laboratory testing and follow-up.
Many Thyroid Gland Disorders are highly related with being overweight and or obese. As much as 9% of the population has thyroid problems – which can wreak havoc on most of your major internal systems, upsetting your digestive system, interfering with your cardiovascular system, and throwing off your metabolism.

Hyperthyroid – Overactive
The Thyroid produces too much thyroid hormone, it is overactive. Hyperthyroidism (overactive Thyroid), can create a lot of botheredsome symptoms, from anxiety to diarrhea. Untreated, an overactive thyroid can eventually lead to congestive heart failure and be fatal.

Hypothyroid – Underactive
The Thyroid produces too little Thyroid hormone, which is underactive. Your major body systems function too slow which, result in symptoms ranging from weight gain to depression. Underactive Thyroid, when left untreated in extreme cases, can eventually lead to coma and even death.

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