Testosterone Therapy

Most of the normal signs of aging are directly related to the decrease of Testosterone levels. Studies have shown health improvements for men who have taken testosterone replacement. Decrease in Testosterone levels have been known to cause all the following: weight gain, slowed metabolism, decrease in lean body mass, decreased ability to concentrate, memory loss, mood swings, decreased libido, difficulty sleeping, decreased ability to recover from injury and unhealthy skin, hair, and bones. The best way to combat these issues is with Palo Alto Medical’s Natural Testosterone Therapy Program.

Natural Testosterone Therapy replaces the Testosterone that you have lost overtime and returns them back to their optimal functioning level (levels from younger years). Natural Testosterone Therapy is not only safe and effective it is also convenient as there are several means of delivery for the Testosterone including oral forms, topical creams, patches and pellet therapy. Natural Testosterone replacement therapy includes a medical consultation with an experienced medical professional who will oversee your treatments and order your comprehensive lab work. During your consultation you and your provider will determine your treatment objectives, strategies and cost to ensure satisfaction with your treatment. Youth is just one appointment away.

You to can feel the reviving effects of Testosterone Therapy!

  • Improve muscle mass and strength
  • Increase bone mineral density
  • Thicken body hair and skin
  • Improve sexual desire
  • Boost energy
  • Decrease irritability and depression
  • Improve cognitive function

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