PRP Non-Surgical Facelift (PRP – Platelet Rich Plasma)

PRP Non-Surgical Facelift (Platelet Rich Plasma) utilizes the Platelets and other growth factors found in your own blood that triggers new collagen growth which results in a more youthful smoother skin!

This is the same procedure many celebrity doctors perform on their star patients to help them look refreshed, vibrant and youthful.

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) can produce a more natural and youthful facial appearance than traditional surgical facelifts plus it’s non-evasive and recovery time is very minimum.

The PRP Non-Surgical Facelifts are the same PRP procedure used for years at Darrow Wellness to effectively speed joint, tendon and tissue repair.

Being professionally trained using PRP to stimulate tissue repair and regeneration combined with our vast experience of injecting fillers makes the PRP Non-Surgical Facelift an easy facelift option with very impressive results!

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